Website Hosting and Maintenance


Choosing a hosting serivce and website administrator is an important decision.  Small companies and new businesses can rarely can afford to add full time resources dedicated toward website development and administration.  What we do is provide a cost effective way to add this resource to your team.  Our most popular Joomla Website Maintenance Package boasts Joomla Installation Maintenance and maintenance for up to 5 extensions for $70 per month and includes up to 2 hours of additional labor each month. 

If you would rather purchase support on a completely as-needed basis, we offer traditional linux hosting plans starting as low as $7.00 per month.  Support and maintenance work is then billed out hourly at $75 per hour. 

Customer service is our #1 priority.  You can expect a turn-around time of 24-48 hours (we will strive to get back to you the same day), phone and email support, remote desktop management available, and a library of tutorials at your disposal.  Fast, reliable, and affordable.