• BoneMarrowTest.com

    Project Detail Bonemarrowtest.com provides private HLA screening services for potential bone marrow donors. Using Joomla CMS, the project entailed integrating

  • HIVR4P.org

    Project Detail HIV R4P is the world's first and only scientific meeting dedicated exclusively to biomedical HIV prevention research.  HIVR4P.org

  • CherryBomm

    Project Detail Cherrybomm.com is a disc golf equipment and apparel company. Using Wordpress, the project entailed integrating e-commerce functionality using

  • Kashilab.com

    Project Detail Kashilab.com is a clinical laboratory in Portland, OR, specializing in a range of transplant-related testing procedures. Using Joomla

  • Glasgow Girls Candle Company

    Project Detail Glasgow Girls Candle Company is a locally owned all natural candle company.  The website is built for both

  • Fitness Damascus

    Project Detail Fitness Damascus provides high intensity group fitness programs. Using Joomla, the project entailed creating a brochure website for